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When Is It Time to Consider Joint Replacement Surgery?

Most people who qualify for joint replacement surgery put it off too long. As a result, they miss out on years of enjoying an active, pain-free life. Are you wondering if you should consider getting a new joint? This information helps you decide.
Sep 1st, 2023

7 Invaluable Benefits of Custom Bracing

Bracing is a game-changer that can keep you moving, whether you tear a knee ligament, twist your ankle, injure your shoulder, develop tendonitis, or struggle with painful arthritis. Read on to learn the many benefits of custom bracing.
Aug 1st, 2023

Injured on the Job? Take These Steps Right Away

After a work-related injury or illness, the most important thing is to take care of your health with medical care. But you also need to follow specific steps and do them promptly to be sure you get your workers’ compensation benefits.
Jul 2nd, 2023

How to Prevent Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring injuries are common among athletes, especially if their activities involve running and sprinting. And after one injury, up to 30% will experience a reinjury. Here, you can learn why hamstrings are vulnerable and how to prevent injuries.
Jun 1st, 2023

When to Seek Medical Care for Your Wrist Pain

Sometimes there’s no doubt that your wrist pain needs immediate care. But in most cases, it can be hard to decide when the underlying problem needs medical attention. This information helps guide your decision.
Apr 4th, 2023

How Orthopedic Care Can Help Your Groin Injury

Groin injuries can have an impact beyond the pain. Without orthopedic care, they can recur and stop you from staying active in sports. Here’s the information you need to know about groin injuries and the care they need to heal properly.
Mar 7th, 2023

Understanding Your Hallux Rigidus Diagnosis

Hallux rigidus is osteoarthritis in your big toe. Though the joint is small, it’s essential for balance and movement, allowing hallux rigidus to severely limit your ability to stay active. Here’s everything you need to know about this condition.
Feb 1st, 2023

5 Encouraging Facts About Joint Replacement Surgery

Arthritis progressively destroys the joint. Once you have extensive joint damage, a prosthetic joint is the only option. If you face the possibility of joint replacement surgery, you need to learn about these five very encouraging facts.
Jan 5th, 2023

3 Common Injuries in Long-Distance Runners

Running is great for your heart and overall fitness and well-being. But it’s also a high-impact sport that places incredible stress on your feet, ankles, knees, and lower legs — and that’s where most running injuries occur.
Nov 1st, 2022

Is Your Job Causing You Wrist and Hand Pain?

Would you guess people take more time off for wrist and hand problems than back pain? Wrist and hand problems cause twice as many lost work days. Learning how painful conditions occur empowers you to take steps to prevent wrist and hand pain.
Oct 1st, 2022

4 Causes of Shoulder Pain — And 3 Injections to Treat Them

Shoulder pain alerts you to problems like torn or inflamed tendons that only get worse if you don’t seek treatment. With today’s advanced shoulder injections, you can look forward to pain relief, accelerated healing, and a healthy shoulder.
Sep 6th, 2022

How Repetitive Motion Fuels Shoulder Pain

Repetitive movement damages the rotator cuff, leading to shoulder pain and often, long-lasting problems. Rotator cuff tears are the top cause of shoulder disability. Here’s why your shoulder is vulnerable to repetitive use injuries.
Aug 2nd, 2022

How Do I Know If I Need Joint Replacement Surgery?

You can get straightforward guidance about getting a joint replacement procedure, your recovery, and how long your new joint should last (15 or more years for most). Deciding when it’s time to get a new joint isn’t as easy, but these guidelines can help.
Jul 1st, 2022

5 Common Causes of Knee Pain

Your chances of knee pain are high considering it affects one in four adults. But the most likely cause of your knee pain depends on variables like your age and activity level. Here's a rundown of the five top sources of knee pain.
Jun 1st, 2022

When You Need a Sports Medicine Expert

Whether you’re a dedicated athlete or not, it’s a good idea to have a sports medicine expert in your corner. Here’s when you need one and why.
May 11th, 2022