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I’m an Athlete: What Are the Benefits of Sports Medicine for Me?

If you’re an athlete, you’re all too familiar with the demands of the game and the stress placed on your body. And if you’re like most athletes, you don’t seek help from a sports medicine physician until you have persistent pain or suffer an injury. But that means you’re missing one of the top benefits of sports medicine for athletes: preventive care.

The team at Cascade Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Center, PC, offers services that prevent athletic injuries. They also provide advanced treatment when injuries occur, getting you back in the game as quickly as possible and at your peak strength.

As sports medicine specialists, we offer four essential benefits for athletes.

Providing specialized care

Sports medicine specialists are indispensable for their expertise in understanding the physical stress athletes face. We understand the demands that each sport places on your body, how that makes you susceptible to injuries, and how to treat injuries to ensure you regain optimal strength.

When you seek help from our sports medicine team, you receive comprehensive care. We treat injuries and much more; we protect you from the body-wide impact of your sport, evaluate and treat compensatory damage that occurs after an injury, and create personalized rehabilitation.

Getting you back in the game 

Getting you back in the game as quickly as possible is always a top priority, but returning to play before you’re ready can lead to re-injuries and progressive physical damage that could potentially keep you out of the game altogether.

As sports medicine specialists, we provide advanced care that promotes healing. While we begin with conservative care, we don’t hesitate to discuss surgery if it’s your best chance for regaining optimal strength and function. For example, a ligament rupture needs surgical reconstruction if you hope to return to competitive athletics.

After an injury, we manage your pain and rehabilitation, moving at an aggressive pace without pushing your body too far. As soon as you’re ready, we develop sport-specific rehabilitation — an aspect of injury recovery that’s exclusively provided by sports medicine physicians.

We focus on the body mechanics required by your sport, and tailor a program to include the flexibility routines, agility training, conditioning regimen, and sport-specific drills you need to recover.

At every step of your rehabilitation, we prepare you to return to athletics with the same or better strength and performance as before your injury.

Preventing future injuries

Sports medicine specialists focus on preventing a new injury or re-injuring a previous problem. The quality of your rehabilitation, and whether or not it incorporates the strain of your specific sport, goes a long way toward helping you prevent future injuries. But we provide additional preventive care.

We may restructure your training regimen to improve your technique, recommend a schedule to avoid muscle fatigue or treat issues like posture, balance, and body mechanics. Our training also generally promotes your overall bone, muscle, and joint health to support your athletic demands.

Improving athletic performance

The unique skills, training, and experience of sports medicine specialists make them the perfect resource to restore or improve your athletic performance. For example, we assess your body’s overall strengths and weaknesses, identify areas needing improvement, and create a personalized plan that fits the needs of your body and sport.

Performance assessments include a range of factors, from the balance of your muscles and proper body movement to aerobic capacity and overall well-being (considering issues like sleep and nutrition). Then, we develop a targeted training plan to achieve and maintain your peak performance.

Seeking a sports medicine specialist

Athletes who trust their care to sports medicine specialists gain benefits they don’t find with other doctors.

Whether you want to explore preventive care, need help with ongoing pain or an injury, or learn how sports medicine can help you, call Cascade Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Center, PC, or request an appointment online today.

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