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Joint And Cartilage Preservation

Cartilage is a strong yet flexible tissue that plays a key role in cushioning joints and facilitating fluid movement. Essentially, cartilage serves as a joint’s shock absorber. However, because cartilage does not have its own blood supply, it cannot heal once it is damaged. Potentially debilitating symptoms may develop if the cartilage that lines joint endings begins to wear away as a result of injury, disease, or the body’s natural aging process. COSMC performs several types of joint preservation and restoration techniques to help sustain optimal joint function and promote mobility, including:

  • Micro fracture drilling
  • Osteochondral autograft and allograft (OATS)
  • Matrix-associated chondrocyte implantation
  • Tibial Osteotomy
  • Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cell Therapy/Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

Plasma Therapy (PRP)

Regenerative medicine uses your own body’s natural healing cells to help restore ligaments, tendons and joints that have been damaged by injury, degenerative disease, or hereditary conditions. Combining regenerative medicine with other conservative treatments, such as physical therapy and bracing, can help patients avoid surgery and return them to the activities they enjoy as quickly and safely as possible.

Our orthopedic specialists take a personalized approach to regenerative medicine to ensure you receive one-on-one attention and treatments that are individualized to meet your specific needs. Depending on your diagnosis, we may suggest one of the following non-surgical regenerative medicine therapies:

  • Platelet rich plasma therapy – Also known as PRP therapy, this treatment involves injecting platelet rich plasma cells from the patient’s own blood to stimulate new cell growth.
  • Bone marrow concentrate (BMC) therapy – A stem cell therapy, this treatment utilizes restorative stem cells from the patient’s own bone marrow.
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